How to Overcome Hangover

Published: 11th December 2009
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Due to festivities and occasional drinking, most of us have experienced a bout of unpleasantness the morning after excessive drinking. Commonly known as hangover, its effects vary from person to person in terms of strength and intensity. It usually involves a headache, inability to concentrate, sickness, dizziness, dehydration, mild diarrhea, tiredness and weakness.

Here are the few "After Remedies" you can try to help you to overcome your hangover nightmares:

A perfect homemade hangover remedy is to drink two large glasses of milk (avoid drinking water at this stage as it may cause you to become drunk again) as soon as you get up to get rid of any dehydration.

Eat crackers or muffin. If you take mild food with honey, it will be more helpful. This is because honey will help you breakdown the alcohol and speed its metabolism.

Have a banana milkshake. Blend a banana in half a glass of milk and add two tablespoons of honey. This will replace lost potassium and raise your blood sugar level.

Make a cold compress to which you add one drop of juniper oil and one drop of fennel oil. Apply to your forehead and temples. Next, blend three drops of rose oil in 1 fl oz (25 ml) of a carrier oil and massage it into the liver area - the lower right side of your ribs and just below them.

Drink plenty of water. It seems like a normal sentence you hear everyday in order to improve your health. Well, it is very true that water helps especially when one of the symptoms is dehydration. A person who is experiencing a hangover would definitely be feeling dehydrated due to the excess alcohol intake. Water would help in replacing the water loss caused by the alcohol that tends to dehydrate the body.

During a heavy night of drinking, oxygen in the blood is diverted toward the areas that need it, and can result in a lack of oxygen in the brain. This is hypoxia, and that's the lightheadedness you feel during a hangover.

Exercise. As bad as you feel, exercising will help to excrete the alcohol out of your body and allow your body to recover quicker. A brisk walk, jogging, biking, hiking, even sitting in a steam room for 15 minutes will help you. Sweat!

Apart from rest, nourishing food is the best way to cure a hangover. You may not feel like eating much of anything, but the reason you feel so bad is because your body has been depleted of vital nutrients. In order to feel better, you've got to get those nutrients back.

Another simple yet effective treatment is taking a hot shower, which feels great at any time but especially when you feel down in the dumps.

Try to avoid caffeine, as it tends to cause dehydration. Be careful about consuming sugar before, during, and after you drink. Alcohol itself tends to spike blood sugar, which is one of the causes of a hangover.

Raw cabbage has the ability to detoxify the liver. It also has a protective effect on the lining of the stomach and intestines helping to counter the adverse effects of alcohol.

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